Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Turkish bath has an ancient history dating back to the Assyrians and Ancient Greeks. It is also said that it was used for healing at that time. Turkish Bath architecture developed during the Roman and Byzantine periods and reached the Turkish bath style over time.


Considering the Ottoman baths, they partly resembled Roman baths. There are 78 historical Turkish baths in Istanbul Turkey, and usually when you enter Turkish bath, the mosque is entered first. There is a pool in the middle of this structure and it is covered with a dome. This structure opens to the changing rooms. The cold room, which is closed by the dome, is entered through the double door and the cold room is opened to the temperature under a large dome. There is a large and large navel stone that provides sweating in the heat. Where there is a navel stone, there are different numbers of basins on the edges. On the right and left of the hot room, there are rooms with cold basins and these open to rest rooms with a corridor. These are connected to the dressing rooms by a corridor. Warming up is done centrally with kunts as in the Romans. In order to maintain the tradition from the past, Turkish baths built today are designed in architectural styles close to the old style.





When entering Turkish bath in Istanbul Turkey, you should not wear any clothes. Women wrap a towel-like but thinner cloth called loincloth from the chest down, and men from the waist down. Apart from these, any clothes such as shorts and bikinis for swimming are not to be worn. Turkish bath has separate areas for men and women as it was in Ottoman history. Bathing in Turkish bath, scrubbing and foam massages are very healthy for your body. It removes your dead skin from your body, relieves stress, rejuvenates your skin and makes you stand more alive. In fact, doctors say that the bath increases blood circulation, reduces muscle pain, and helps cell renewal.


When you enter Turkish bath with your loincloth, you first take a shower with hot or even boiling water. Then tellak, who is a Turkish bath employee, gives you an excellent massage. Thanks to this massage, you will be purified from all the dirt in your body. It also softens your body with the help of foam. Finally, you leave yourself to the hot pool in the middle of the bath and enjoy the moment with your relaxed body.


Foreign investors who come to Istanbul Turkey to invest in real estate in order to get Turkish citizenship pay attention to the presence of a Turkish bath in social facilities while buying a house. Lots of property projects also have a Turkish bath.


If you would like to own properties with a Turkish bath in Istanbul Turkey, contact us.


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