Pearl of the Bosphorus: Maiden's Tower

The Maiden's Tower was established in the 5th century as a customs duty to control the ships coming from the Black Sea. In the 12th century, it served as a defense tower. After the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet had a new castle built on the spot where the Maiden's Tower was located. After this period, the Maiden's Tower became one of the symbols of Istanbul. After the 17th century, the Maiden's Tower was updated as a lighthouse to guide the ships. It was leased to a private company for touristic purposes at the end of the 20th century, after taking on duties as a gas tank, radar station, and isolation section for epidemics.





Maiden's Tower is located in Uskudar district of Istanbul Turkey. In the middle of the Bosphorus, it is one of the most distinctive symbols of Istanbul Turkey. There are many properties for sale in Uskudar, including old and new buildings overlooking the Bosphorus. It is every investor's dream to wake up with a magnificent view like the Maiden's Tower next to the Bosphorus view in a metropolis like Istanbul. Within the borders of Uskudar district, especially the Salacak region is the place that sees the Maiden's Tower most clearly. The apartments you will buy in this region may differ in price compared to the properties for sale in other regions due to the magnificence of the Maiden's Tower. Thanks to the urban transformation, we frequently see new buildings in Uskudar district. Property for sale in Uskudar Istanbul may vary according to the age range. In this way, it combines the unique view of the Bosphorus with the magnificence of the Maiden's Tower and at the same time offers a new, earthquake resistant, safe and peaceful life quality. If you want to buy a property with such magnificent features in Uskudar district of Istanbul, Area Istanbul will assist you in purchasing the property you are looking for. Just contact us.

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