How to get a Turkish Citizenship in Istanbul Turkey?

Turkey is superior to many countries with its geographical location, conditions, transportation routes and job opportunities. The fact that it has more affordable housing and workplaces compared to other countries makes it attractive. Turkish citizenship, which has been on the agenda frequently especially recently, is also dependent on this. Those who wish can buy the most suitable house for their budget and possibilities from here. With the purchase of houses whose value is above a certain price, a residence permit is issued to family members and to the person himself. This residence permit is issued for a period of three years. If you reside in Turkey for two more years when the residence permit expires, you will be entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship. There is a citizenship status for people who own a house with a lower limit of $400.000. In fact, being a Turkish citizenship is quite attractive for foreigners. With the difference in the exchange rate, it makes sense to buy a house at an affordable price and live here.


Turkey fascinates everyone with its hospitable structure, economic opportunities and the beauty of its houses. You can apply for citizenship by purchasing a house worth $400.000. Turkey offers you advantageous opportunities with its geographical location and economy. Workplace, residence, plaza, summer house and many more housing options are here for you. The location of your house in Turkey is also extremely important. The house you will buy in Istanbul can be close to the market, shopping centers, schools and hospitals. In this way, it is possible to handle your daily routine work. With its nature, hospitable people and advantageous housing prices, you can safely buy the most suitable house or workplace for you. Turkey has an advantageous business location with its ports to the seas and transportation routes. For business investments to be made here, be sure to take a look at the business and house ads on our site to have the type of office you want to buy. It is an easy way to obtain Turkish citizenship.



Turkey offers you maximum comfort with its strategic location, business opportunities, natural structure and ease of transportation. You can also consider the house you will buy here as an investment. Owning a house in Turkey, besides its advantages, also offers you an investment opportunity for your future. You can come here on vacation in the summer or you can rent your house. It is possible to get both an affordable holiday opportunity and an extra source of income in the winter months.

The dimensions of the houses are in the form of an additional one, two or three rooms in addition to the living room. It is also possible to find houses with larger sizes and more rooms. Some houses also have a garden or a terrace floor upon request. You can review our site to find the most suitable house for your budget and taste. With safe purchasing conditions, the home or office you want can be yours.


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