High Flight: Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport is located within the boundaries of Arnavutkoy district on the European side of Istanbul. Istanbul Airport has found its place in the top 5 places in the list of the world's largest airports. Although Istanbul Airport has a capacity to host 90 million passengers, it easily exceeds these figures in general. The reason is that Istanbul has too many visitors. Istanbul Airport has hosted 164 million 83 thousand 783 domestic and foreign passengers as of 2022 in the 4 years since its opening. More than 1 million 117 thousand flights were carried out at the airport, which was flown to 262 destinations. It is also easy to reach Istanbul Airport, which is located on the north of the European side of Istanbul, close to the Black Sea coast. When you go by car, you can reach it in a maximum of half an hour. There is also a metro line that only goes to Istanbul Airport.





The construction of Istanbul Airport to the north of Istanbul's European side has also given a different direction to the real estate market in Istanbul Turkey. Arnavutkoy district, where Istanbul Airport is located, has become even more valuable as property. Foreign investors who come to Istanbul Turkey to buy property in order to get Turkish citizenship usually check the pulse of the region as they first land at Istanbul Airport. Since the construction of Istanbul Airport, new apartments have started to be built in Arnavutkoy region. Over time, houses in Arnavutkoy will increase. Thanks to Istanbul Airport, new settlements began to form. Properties close to this area are already being sold. The flats that are currently for sale at affordable prices will be even higher in the coming years with the development of the region in Istanbul Turkey. It would be a very right decision to buy a property in Arnavutkoy district not only to get Turkish citizenship but also to invest in the future.


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