Galata Tower: A Masterpiece In Istanbul

Galata Tower is located in Beyoğlu, one of the most crowded districts of Istanbul. Beyoğlu is a district with Taksim square, Istiklal street, French street and the most famous restaurants and cafes. The district gains a different value every day, both in terms of business life and life. The mobility of the district also encourages foreign investors to buy property by foreign citizens who want to buy a house. Galata Tower takes its name from the district in which it is located. It was first built as a lighthouse by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius in the 6th century. Today's Galata Tower was built by Venetians and Genoese who came to Istanbul for commercial purposes in the 13th century. It was also used as a prison for a while during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Hosting a magnificent view of Istanbul, the Tower is 62 meters high. It is also one of the oldest towers in the world. You can also enjoy the view of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn from the Galata Tower. You can take a short break in the restaurant with this beautiful view.


Galata Tower, one of the most attractive places in Istanbul, is an excellent opportunity to investment in Istanbul. The district, which has lively living spaces and tourists coming to the region, is a diamond for investors in Istanbul Turkey. It also has a graph that never loses value and constantly goes up. Galata located on the European side of Istanbul is preferred for active life. If you say i can't live in a lively area, you will have made a great investment for your future. Galata has a wonderful environment for investment in Istanbul: the Golden Horn, the historical peninsula and Besiktas..


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