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Frequently Asked Questions About buying Property in Turkey

All your questions in your mind about buying real estate in Turkey, this page will help you to find your answers. If you do not find your answer on Frequently Asked Questions page, please contact with us and get your answers.

What are the advantages of buying a property in Turkey ?

  • Obtaining real estate residence in Turkey
  • Grants you Turkish citizenship if the property is worth $ 250,000
  • A profitable investment return based on the attractive tourism power in Turkey
  • International schools and universities provide different languages and curriculums
  • The cost of living is relatively low compared to Europe.

What are the steps of buying property in Turkey ?

  • Choose the right property.
  • Prepare the following documents: a copy of the title deed + location statement from the municipality + 4 personal photos. 
  • Obtaining the tax number from the Tax Department.
  • Translating the passport into Turkish and notarizing it by the notary.
  • Signing the purchase contract with the seller and making a down payment.
  • Submitting a request to transfer ownership to the security authorities.

Is it possible to buy property in turkey with installment plan ?

Yes its possible. We have wide choices of property for sale in cash or suitable installment plans.

How to get turkish citizenship ?

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through real estate investment with more than $250 thousand in Turkey, along with a pledge not to sell the property for 3 years.

What are the conditions for obtaining turkish citizenship ?

  1. Buying a property in Turkey from a Turkish citizen or from a Turkish legal person (such as buying from turkish real estate company - our company ).
  2. The property must have a statutory title deed (a title deed must be issued to it) even if it is still under construction.
  3. The price of the property is more than 250 thousand USD.
  4. Paying the price of the property through a bank transfer from a bank outside or inside Turkey.
  5. The buyer pledges not to sell the property for 3 years.

Do foreigners have the right to own properties in Turkey?

Yes, they do. Turkish Parliament has issued a decree in September 2012, which gives foreigners the right of owning properties in Turkey.

What is the tax number? And how to get it?

Tax number in Turkey (vergı numarsı) is a number of your own, you are sometimes asked for it in legal and official transactions or when opening a bank account in Turkey. You can get it easily through the following:

Bring a copy of your passport and your address in Turkey.
Go to the nearest tax directorate (vergı müdürlüğü) in your neighborhood and ask for a tax number. They will enter your information into the system and give you a card with a tax number of your own.

Is the taxation system the same for Turkish citizens and foreigners?

Yes. The taxation system is the same for everybody

Can I get the residence permit in Turkey (İkamet) if I buy property?

If a foreigner owns a property in Turkey, he/she gets residence permit which is renewed every year if he/she keeps the ownership.

Can my family get a residence permit in Turkey?

Yes. Your wife and your children under 18 years old can also get a residence permit after your application.

Do I need to get a residence permit in order to buy a property in Turkey?

No! You can buy property in Turkey without the residence permit.

How can I get Turkish citizenship?

Buy property more than 250.000 USD and apply for Turkish citizenship, our company has a department for citizenship, we can help you from beginning till you get your passport to your hand.

How many properties can I own in Turkish territory? And what is the minimum period the process of buying properties in Turkey takes?

The number of properties you can buy is unlimited. Also, more than one person can own the same property. Concerning the period, on average, purchasing process does not take more than 3 days.

How can I buy property in Turkey?

  • Call our agents to arrange a viewing tour appointment.

  • Select the best choice on viewing tour.

  • Agree on the sales conditions and sign the sales contract. 

  • Sales Contract contains the details of the payment terms, bank info, completion date, key delivery, title deed delivery, and general terms & conditions.

  • Our company will follow up your tapu delivery and all conditions of the sales contract.

  • If your circumstances require, you can leave us a Power of Attorney to conclude all the necessary paperwork.

What are the official documents that I have to bring with me from my country in order to own in Turkey ?

Only your passport.

What kind of ownership document shall I have?

The ownership document (title deed) is called as "TAPU" in Turkey.

What is the title deed (Tapu) like?

The Tapu is an official registry document in Turkey. It proves that you have ownership rights over the property. This ownership document is your registry at Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate.

What is the valuation report? Why is this required?

Valuation report is a report showing the real price of a property that you are buying or selling. When one buys a property, Land Registry and Cadastre requests valuation report verified by CMB (SPK in Turkish) before the title deed transfer to secure the deal against fraud. This process takes 3-4 days.

May everybody sells real estate in Turkey?

Yes. Unfortunately, hotel receptionists, waiters, taxi drivers, jewelry dealers are the most well-known property sellers(!) at touristic regions of Turkey. Please be aware of these tourist hunters. Purchase property from professional agencies and established companies. Please ask to your agent his/her real estate license and certification. If they don’t have , don’t work with them. Don’t take this risk.

What is the Real Estate Agent Service fee?

Whenever you buy a property from a real estate company, registered and licensed real estate agents are entitled to receive 2%+Vat service fee over the actual sales price of the property both from the purchaser and the property owner separately.

Why should I use a real estate agent?

Buying an apartment by Area İstanbul company several advantages: firstly; you view a wide range of properties that match your budget and quality expectation. Secondly; You notice the differences between different property developers, not only one construction company. Third: you experience the benefit of our professionalism, secure buying process and great after sales services.

Is there a negotiation custom on purchasing a property?

Yes and No. Negotiation depends on the agents' habits. Because every property has different owners, some negotiate and some not. In Istanbul, most of the mega project owners do not negotiate on price. They use mostly campaigns to pump up their sales. So better to catch these campaigns and sing up to our newsletter.

Who can buy property in Turkey?

Every country citizens may buy property in Turkey except the countries which Turkey does not recognize diplomatically (like Armenia, North Korea and Syria)

If I buy an apartment under construction, how much deposit is required? Can I pay in installments?

You pay approximately 5.000 USD reservation fee upon contract signature. Most developers offer payments on stages like the completion ratio of each building stage. Circumstances may vary from one developer to other developers. For a certain answer, you need to ask to our agent's payment plan table of each offer.

I will buy a property soon. Before what documents do I need to bring from my country?

We need only your passport. All needed documents are prepared afterward depending on your passport upon purchasing.

What are the returns on investment in an average in Turkey?

Returns of investment in an average in the city center are significantly lower than the rest areas, they range approximately between 4-5%, but in developed and modern areas the percentage rises to 7-8%, in addition to that, when you buy in the initial stage of construction, rental returns and the value of the property rise around 15-20% annually, so it is very easy to get 100% profitable from your property in a few years in Turkey.

I want to open a bank account in Turkey. How can I open a bank account?

You need a tax number and address evidence. When you plan to come to Turkey, bring address evidence where your address and name wrote on the bill. According to the bank legislation, your address must be proven by an electric, water or internet bill which shows your address and name.

Are there English speaking lawyers in Turkey?

Yes, there are independent English speaking lawyers in Istanbul. We can introduce them to you during your viewing trip if you request.

How much money do I need to spend except the property price?

There are several costs upon buying property. please ask our agents.

What should I expect to pay in maintenance fees?

Maintenance fee varies from complex to another complex. Upon purchasing a house, please ask the expected maintenance fee.

How much tax shall I pay?

You pay "annual property tax" to the municipality. Environmental tax and wealth tax are added in the water bills generally.

How can I ensure my property?

Ask Area İstanbul staff to help you ensure your property for full risks.

Can your company help me renting out my property?

We help our customers to rent their property under secure conditions for long term. We do not give service for short-term rentals.

How can I furnish my home?

Many developers offer furnishing packs. Area İstanbul staff may help you buying furniture in modern shops too.

Which services does Area İstanbul offer?

You can visit our website services page.

How can I organize a viewing trip with Area İstanbul ?

Please contact us for an appointment.

Fill in the form, we will contact you