Beyoglu: The Heart of Istanbul

Beyoglu is one of the districts on the European side of Istanbul. Beyoglu is surrounded by Besiktas, Sisli, Kagithane, Fatih, Bayrampasa, Gaziosmanpasa districts. Beyoglu's old name is Pera. Pera means 'face to face' in Greek. This definition comes from its correspondence with the Historical Peninsula and the Golden Horn. Icons such as Istiklal Street, Taksim Republic Monument, Taksim Gezi Park, Pera Museum, Rahmi M. Koc Museum, Galatasaray High School, Galata Tower, Saint Benoît French High School are located within the borders of Beyoglu district in Istanbul Turkey. Beyoglu is the heart of Istanbul. It is the focal point of tourists and foreign investors coming to Turkey. One day in Istanbul is not enough just to visit Beyoglu.





As described above, Beyoglu has a great gravitational pull in Istanbul Turkey. This attraction also applies to foreign investors who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul. Beyoglu is one of the favorite districts of investment because it has a historical background and has a very important place in Istanbul Turkey. Beyoglu is one of the reasons for preference due to its proximity to many regions. It is one of the districts that are easy to travel to on the European side of Istanbul due to its location and access to neighboring districts. Since the apartments in Beyoglu are old in general, the construction of new houses with urban transformation projects continues. If you do not want to miss these opportunities, contact us!


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