Being a Citizen in Turkey and its Advantages

Turkey is one of the most preferred countries from abroad in terms of settling down, establishing a business and becoming a citizen here. It attracts attention with its geographical conditions, climatic conditions, hospitable and loving people, easy business establishment and housing, good financial opportunities, easy shopping opportunities, richness and diversity in cultural and historical areas.

If you want to live in Turkey, there are many conveniences that add fog. In Turkey, people of almost all nationalities live in harmony with each other with respect, streets are clean, people are friendly and hospitable, there is sunshine in all four seasons of the year, the beaches are clean and the facilities are very modern. Three sides of Turkey are covered with seas, and there are also healing spa waters. You can always find fresh vegetables and fruits. Owning a house in Turkey is not very expensive, but there are some conditions. It has highly equipped schools. Graduates from here have written their names that have been successful all over the world. Turkish citizens have equal rights before the law. Children are very valuable in Turkey, there are even children's holidays. There are cities of natural wonders, the rivers are quite clean. Apart from these, Turkey is a great investment and employment country.

What do you need to do if you want to live in Turkey and benefit from these opportunities and become a citizen in Turkey? The conditions required to live in Turkey and become a Turkish citizen can be met in various ways. It is possible to live in Turkey and acquire Turkish citizenship through investment, marriage, depending on the residence condition, as an immigrant, on the basis of place of birth, through adoption and real estate investment.



The basic qualifications required to become a Turkish citizen are as follows. One must have the power of discrimination. According to the laws of the country of citizenship, the person must be of legal age, and if he does not have a homeland, he must be 18 years old. Must have lived in Turkey for an uninterrupted period of five years before applying. If the person will stay in Turkey and become a citizen, they are asked to make an investment. For this, the person has to buy real estate, make investments, open businesses and employ Turkish citizens. If you are going to become a citizen of Turkey through marriage, the person must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years and reside with the family with your residence permit.

In order to reside and become a citizen in Turkey, he/she has to buy real estate worth at least $400 000 for 3 years, or he has to deposit at least $500 000 worth of deposits in the bank, provided that they do not withdraw for three years. Quite valid beauties and opportunities await you to become a citizen and live here in Turkey. It is not difficult to live and become a citizen in this unique country.


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